Charlotte  //  Oil on canvas 18" x 24"


Pencil study

This painting of Charlotte was from an age 3 studio photograph. It was one of my early portrait paintings.

Hazel // Oil on Canvas 48" x 60"

This painting of my mother was composed using of a number of images to create the setting/mood for a more romantic feel. The figure was a photograph of her taken in a seaside town with a group of people.

The marble stairs, Caribbean sky and palms were used to enhance the

portrait giving it a more 'grand' look.

Done in the late 1980s, during my illustration/commercial art career - hence the somewhat 'illustrative' approach.

Eve // Oil on AllinPanel/Linen 16" x 20"

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This painting was more of

a study. My goal was to grow as a portrait artist and to explore working

on Artefex panels - this one is the

lead oil linen mounted panel called

an AllinPanel

The model, Eve, was someone I worked with in the commercial marketing field. Posing for a hair care product. I managed to keep the polaroids and some slides from the shoot.


I used the 'layered/underpainting' technique, working in layered stages:

Toned panel, fixed underdrawing, underpainting (tonal) and then 2 stages of painting including 'glazing' in the

final layer.

Anastasi and Lily of the Valley // Oil on Panel 20" x 30"

Anastasi is an artist from Russia.

She kindly allowed me to paint her portrait. I was attracted to this wonderful pose or her seated at a table and turning toward the viewer, but looking upward.

In every painting, I always add an element I feel will make the image more interesting - adding a storied element to the work. Here I added the table set vase with Lily-of-the-Valley symbolizing pureness and humility and happiness.

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Still Life / Florals

Vase with Flowers // Oil on Panel 18" x 24"

Live set up of a cream vase with assorted flowers. 2006

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Tulips // Mural 5' x 26'

Created for a dining room

mural. Using

Windsor&Newton water

soluble oils. W&N Artisan

(click on the link for more)

are a 'safflower' based

pigment making them

water mixable. They can

also be mixed with

linseed oil making them

like normal oil paints.

I used these to avoid working

issues with traditional oils to

a latex house paint based wall.

And to avoid any issues with

toxicity in the paints.

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Maizy  //  Pastel  // 18" x 24"

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- edgar degas

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